Here Comes The Sun - Sounding That Fiery Spring Equinox
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Within the series: Sun & Spring Kaleidoscope Radiant model in this work: Louïs Rault Watanabe Louïs Rault Watanabe @louisrault (IG) Photography of background blossoms: Patty Den Boer - This so called material and earthly life seems to bare with it an unquenchable thirst that only death could stop. And until we come back to realizing to need no thing but love and all the beauty and joy that comes with it whilst it so abundantly flows from it, that, with its ethereal light, reaches far beyond that ephemeral dream time of men's existence, indeed beyond all imaginary and idol needs, for all eternity. - Text by: The Eternal Fire Of The Gods - Miguel Angel Plukkel

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