Them Trees And Waters Preparing Highest Frequencies For The Landing Of The Seraphim (Thé Déjà Vu Version, Pianíssimo Grandissimo Claro)
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From the series: Landing Of The Angels *Salve, Umbria verde, e tu del puro fonte nume Clitumno! Sento in cuor l'antica patria e aleggiarmi su l'accesa fronte gl'Itali Iddii. (Giosuè Carducci) *Salve (Oil), green Umbria, and you of the pure Spring God Clitumno! I feel in my heart the ancient homeland and float over the illuminated front of the Italian Iddii (Gods). (Giosuè Carducci) **Gorgeous photograph found on site of the incredible hotel "Castello di Reschio" R E S C H I O - Estate & Hotel @reschio (IG) Reschio (FB) and by the very looks of it, it must be close to the heavens! (Photographer unknown as yet!) .

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